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How was made - Tensa, the Sceptile :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 0 0 Tensa, the Sceptile :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 3 0
Exploration route
“Route 119, here we go!” I said at the entrance of the forests of route 119. From the bottom it seemed a huge forest and a big climbing up to the top.
“You have something important up there, correct?” A voice sounded inside of my head.
“That voice… is that you, Latios?” I got realised.
“Yes, trainer, it was me all this time. If you did not notice, my psychic powers allows me to telepathy with other beings”
“A-Alright. And yes. Since lately our beginning as partners, I wanted to help Sceptile to reencounter with his family, which I was told that they were in some point of route 119”
“You mean Yuri, the Sceptile. Am I right?”
“What? … Wait a second!! A-All this time your real name was Yuri and I’ve been calling you by your species name?!” I asked my partner very loud, altering both. He answered me in his speech, but Latios translated to me what he said.
“He says that yes, and that
:icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 0 0
Hackamo-o (Dragon Claw) :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 5 0 Hackamo-o WIP :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 3 0 Aggron's vigor :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 4 8 Aggron (WIP) :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 2 3 Katsuki, the Treecko :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 1 3 Shredder... again :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 5 2 Waiting home :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 4 3
Chapter 13: Collecting the important things
“He must be outside. Somewhere” I said ten minutes after I had sent a private message to him.
“Are you sure do you want to do this right now? Anna gave you a hard battle and she was only a trainer” María asked.
“Of course! My hidden card is Sceptile. He is strong enough to complete this battle if the other two are afforded of his level” I answered, looking at her eyes.
“That strategy sounds interesting, but you are probably risking your best Pokémon to a long and exhausting battle” a familiar voice told me. I turned back and I saw my father was coming to us.
“Yo, dad! You are finally here!”
“Yes. I heard from the other gyms there were three trainers really strong. If you are here it’s because your Pokémon are enough strong to battle mines and that also means you have the four previous badges. Am I right?”
“Do you mean this four?” I showed him the badge table with the Stone, Knuckle,
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Waiting home (quick draw) :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 6 3 Masquerain :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 4 2 M-8 Avenger | Destiny fandom :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 0 0 Assault Rifle | Destiny fandom :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 2 0
Chapter 12: Return to the south
The moment to continue our adventures reached when we crossed a bridge where was passing a small river from the mountain in route 114. With my new evolved Pokémon Lairon and the increased strength of Grovyle and the others, the battles against other Pokémon trainers, whose Pokémon gave us some troubles, were very interesting and challenging at the same time. Before getting Petalburg city we had to go again to the Meteor Falls first, where we fought team Magma before.
I forgot the cuts of my two wrists. I didn't feel pain since… well, no time ago the injuries began to be painless. I could see the false skin growing over it, coloured by yellow. My human nature made me to scrape it with the fingertips, only to know the feeling. Suddenly, Lairon exited once more his Pokeball. “What is it now?” I asked him. He moved a little quick to me and with his head impulsed me to his back, over his first steel sheet. I could get an hypotheses of what he was trying to d
:icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 1 0


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Some of my newest favorite pictures when I look around Deviant Art ^^


How was made - Tensa, the Sceptile
A process of how I made:
You can call it tutorial. I don't care how you call it. I just wanted to share this whit you :)
Tensa, the Sceptile
Picture of Tensa, the parter of the main character of :iconkynexn:

Tensa owns to :iconkynexn:
Sceptile owns to Game Freak and Nintendo.
Man, what a remix! "Undertale Remix ► Megalovania (Flexstyle Trip Hop Remix) Sans Theme - GameChops"
“Route 119, here we go!” I said at the entrance of the forests of route 119. From the bottom it seemed a huge forest and a big climbing up to the top.

“You have something important up there, correct?” A voice sounded inside of my head.

“That voice… is that you, Latios?” I got realised.

“Yes, trainer, it was me all this time. If you did not notice, my psychic powers allows me to telepathy with other beings”

“A-Alright. And yes. Since lately our beginning as partners, I wanted to help Sceptile to reencounter with his family, which I was told that they were in some point of route 119”

“You mean Yuri, the Sceptile. Am I right?”

“What? … Wait a second!! A-All this time your real name was Yuri and I’ve been calling you by your species name?!” I asked my partner very loud, altering both. He answered me in his speech, but Latios translated to me what he said.

“He says that yes, and that he does not care being called by his species name, master”

“O-ok… no matter. Let's… just continue” But seconds later Latios stopped.

“Hang on. I sense that somebody is coming here” And I could hear the voice of Skarmory, coming back to us. She touched ground and I run up to her.

“Skarmory! You're back, little girl. Let me present you Latios. Latios, this is Skarmory" Skarmory did a curtsey to Latios and, impressed, he did also a bow in middle of air.

Inside of route 119, the sky was filled of clouds and it was raining. A bit deeper we found some trainers at a big opened place. Latios, not to call their attention, hid his body in a projected human form. We went there and some of those trainers, mostly bug searchers, fought us. Hopefully, Electrike was starting to be useful in this kind of climate.

I had picked up some fruits like bananas or apples for me and the others, but unexpectedly some of them were from some Pokémon usually called Tropius, a Flying and Grass type Pokémon. I thought they were going to attack us, but Latios told me these Pokémon don't care people or Pokémon take their fruit from their neck. Also, we found the evolution of Zigzagoon: Linoone; besides, other kind of Pokémon where there.

I wanted to leave my Pokémon free for some time, but it seemed Lairon was still afraid from water so he came back with me, under the leaves of a tree. I sat some with Latios and I watched my Pokémon.

“Your team seems very happy, and very variated regarding personalities, Roberuto"

“Yeah. They are great guys after all. Nevertheless, call me ‘Rober'. I prefer people don't call me by my full name except those who I know like my family” I said, but a bit sadly.

“Understood, Rober" Latios brought closer his head to my face, scaring me a little when he spoke. “Are you alright? You seem worried"

“Nah. It's just… the team Magma. Those dumbasses are always up with something…”

“I know, you are right about that, but… I do not want to be like my sister Latias, as you, the humans, call her, but I feel… fear, deeper inside of you. I feel… like you do not want to leave somebody…” He told me. I indirectly turned my sight to my partner Sceptile. “It is Yuri, right?” I nodded. “Look, both of you have traveled all the west of Hoenn, and that only means you are great friends. Besides, he has made a lot of friends: Kirito, the Electrike; Haina, the Skarmory; Goronu, the Lairon; Aoki, the Pelipper; Renzo, the Mightyena; and mostly important, you: Rober, the human. Do you think that Yuri really wants to leave you?”

“I don't know. Besides, he has something up with an Ampharos of my friend María, but… that's something apart” I stopped talking so I could change the subject of the conversation. “Were you searching inside of my memories?”

“Uh, yes, I was! Sorry for being so impolite with that”

“Don’t worry. Just tell me before to do that”

I locked my sight into everyone, but specially on Electrike and Skarmory. Electrike was just having fun with Mightyena, but Skarmory was starting being overprotective on the young member. Electrike was feeling pressed that he discharged a spark on her, which power was increased by the rain.

“Hey! Electrike and Skarmory! Stop it! I didn't release you to start attacking yourselves!” Indeed they showed a culpability face. “Just… relax or stay with the others some minutes more, before we continue” It seemed that Electrike had sussed out Skarmory. I had to do something with this couple before it goes to worst.

Continuing our searching around the route, Sceptile, Latios and I were getting wet by the rain. I was asking Sceptile if he could remember something of the place, but he shaked his head. In addition, we were going through a way of rocks, with some bridges to cross to the other side of the river which was getting smaller as further distance we were going over. There, we found two guys, one training with his Machamp and the other doing some yoga with an Alakazam. The big guy stopped us and challenged me to a battle. The relaxed guy came to us, asking me more gently to battle. I refused, but after being insisted over and over again and thinking a little I accepted, releasing Skarmory and Electrike.

Electrike was like: “What is she doing here?” but I thought this was better for both to make their relationship better. The battle was one of the hardest things I did in all my career as Pokémon trainer. Machamp with a lot of physical strength in its four arms and Alakazam really fast to avoid the moves were an annoying couple to defeat. Thankfully, Electrike could paralyze Alakazam with a Thunder Wave, limiting its movement. Surprisingly Electrike was this time the one who was taking care of Skarmory. While she was more focused with close combat, mainly with Machamp , Electrike was attacking in distance to Alakazam with Spark. Sometimes they changed their main papers and Skarmory attacked Alakazam with Night Slash. The battle ended in a winning for us and, while I was saying congratulations to Electrike and Skarmory and thinking to set them as a team for double battles, they dared to call me sensei.

Pelipper,on the other hand, was enjoying the rain. Maybe because he's a water type Pokémon.

The rain was there during all the time we spent climbing up the river side to side, crossing some bridges. One hour of searching through all most part of the forests of route 119 without results. However, we found something more.

At some point of the route Sceptile stopped me and crouched. He found some members of team Magma near of a white building, guarding a bridge. “Let's do this. We enter, we defeat them quickly and we continue searching” Sceptile and Latios nodded and we walked to the entrance. We were stopped by those guys from the bridge. Latios, on his human form, made them float in the air and pushed them away from the entrance to the building. Inside we found a woman in reception. She was requesting our help to defeat team Magma in the first floor. There I released all the team to battle everyone at the same time: it was everyone against us.

When every grunt saw our power, we entered by duress to the office thanks to Latios, which door had seemed to be blocked from inside. Inside we found a familiar face. “You!”

“You here again? You're annoying and rude. We have important things to do, so leave us and stop following us” Tabitha said.

“Important things?! Your leader is going to kill us!” One of the scientist said.

“Shut the hell up!” He was looking very angry, snapping the man on his head with one hand. “You know? I have a lot of rage inside of me. Let me give you a beating. Here and now” He insisted. Without giving an answer he released a Camerupt.

“Pelipper, give him a lesson with Hydro Pump” I ordered. The impact made that Camerupt to take a lot of damage.

“Argh! Curse yourself!” Tabitha said to me. However, his Camerupt understood to use Curse and increased his defenses. Tabitha was out of words.

“Nice one. Once more, Pelipper!” With this, the foe Camerupt fainted.

“As always… no matter how, you always have luck. But I’m tired to see your stupid face every place I visit!” Tabitha yelled, very angry. He slowly started to walk to me.

“And I'm getting really tired how your team are trying to steal stuff from every place yo…” Tabitha, angry, grabbed me through my jacket and forced me to stay in front of the wall of the room, next to the door. I saw every member of my team were getting very agitated and I ordered him, with my hand, to stay in their position by Tabitha’s order.

“LISTEN UP WHAT I'M SAYING, YOU KID! In not much time, Magno and we are going to wake up the god of the grounds and continents. Do you know what does mean? Huh? When Maxie’s plan is completed, there won't be seas, lakes… even oceans or primordial seas. An infinite ground expansion will appear! The world's decline! The end of life! The ground’s expansion will be endless! What will happen next? What is going to be from team Magma after that? Those…  hehehe… Those are not the questions you are looking for. You should better ask yourself what you are going to do when that happens” From hearing this I got shocked by transforming his words in pictures inside of my mind. Before he opened the doors of the room he wanted to give me a hint. “But if you want to convince him to change his mind, you should get to Mountain Pyre as soon as possible” And he ran away with the rest of his teammates. I moved slightly down my head and I set my hand over it, processing the information.

“What… are you, Magno?” I said softly.

“Rober” Latios woke me up. “The scientist. We have to free the scientist”

“Y-Yes" Skarmory, Sceptile and I cut the ropes from their hands and feet.

“Thank you for saving us!”

“Yeah, whatever…” I replied.

“Boss, I don't understand these guys. Why did they want to search the info from what happened thousands of years ago? What are they trying to reach for?”

“I don't know. But I'm sure they want to do something with that informa…”

“Excuse me for interrupting you, but what happened in that moment, thousands of years ago?”

“... Ok, but only because you saved our butts” The boss of the building said.

The team Magma was talking about the legendaries Pokémon of this region whose powers allow them to modify the climate whenever and wherever they are. These are Groudon, the continent Pokémon, and Kyogre, the Sea Basin Pokémon. But the most incredible thing is they could absorb the power of the environment to adopt a new form. With this form, they could make catastrophic and terrifying climate changes that created the world as we know nowadays.

This process is known by the name of Primal Reversion. In our current case, we are talking about Primal Groudon. The Primal Reversion only happens with ancestral Pokémon like Groudon, so it's not like a megaevolution.

“So… this makes things clear. Maxie wants to use Groudon by its own. But… this is still crazy for me!”

“Trainer… I know this sounds crazy but… well, you know the leader of team Magma. You have to stop him now”

“That's what I'm doing too” I answered, knowing what I'm doing and returning all the team back to their Pokeballs. But I've been stopped by the boss who was grabbing my arm.

“I've not been clear. You must stop him! Do you really know what can mean a free, ancestral and primal Groudon, son? That must not happen! Not now! We aren't ready for an apocalypse yet” I thought for some seconds and I gave him an answer.

“Don't worry. I won't allow that to happen”

We left the building, again under the rain, now a bit soft. I was still thinking about Groudon. I was worried, shaking myself a little. Latios set a hand over my shoulder.

“Calm down, Rober. Groudon can not do nothing yet. It is still sleeping”

“How? We can't be sure of that”

“I can feel it. I am a psychic type, remember?”

After crossing the bridge of the investigation center we went back to our main thing: searching some reptiles. The sun was shining between the dark clouds and the rain was fading.

Route 119 was ending and we were getting close to the next city. However, we hadn't find the home of Yuri yet. I wanted to stop some seconds to have some rest. I was getting a bit exhausted by wasting a lot of energies. Yuri was starting to be worried, but I reacted to him serious.

“Don't worry. I won't stop until I find your family! From what I've seen your species can live over here. Just let us rest some and then we continue” I put my hands behind my head and I crossed my legs, lied over the grass of the ground. I felt very uncomfortable by how Sceptile was looking to me. “What?” I said.

“Better start running fast, Rober" Latios told me, as he was getting his original form. Sceptile’s pupils shrunk for a second. Then, he ran quickly.

“Sceptile! Wait for me!” I yelled as I was getting up and following him as fast as I could. A few trees were down and some rocks where in middle of my way, so I had to do some speed vaults or jump over them. I was getting exhausted for running and doing parkour, which I didn't practice for some months, making to slow down my maximum speed. “Slow… arf… down… dude!” Sceptile stopped and I did the same, next to him. I breathed deeply. But I looked forward, where Sceptile was pointing at. “Is that tail…!?” Sceptile walked forward, in direction to the Pokémon, possibly another Sceptile. It turned back and looked at my partner again. Both stopped. I wanted to walk forward, but Latios stopped me.

“No! Let's see what happens" Both Sceptile went closer to themselves. It smelled Yuri and, definitely, could identify him. They hugged and cried together. Also he wanted to present me to it. I walked, nervous, to the wild Pokémon.

“I’m sorry for being slow to get to this place with him” I apologized. Latios told me that Sceptile is his sister, and she don't like humans. I could see that she was smaller than Yuri. Suddenly, she launched a noise to the air, like a call to someone. “Can your species do that?” I asked surprised.

Seconds later, two more came to us. “Look! Their fathers!” Latios told me. They were looking at me angry, ready to do Leaf Blade to me. I felt scared to them. However, Yuri and his sister set in front of me and Latios. “Looks like they hate your species too, Rober" He said to me.

“Seems logical” I replied, seriously. “Two guys stole Yuri from them"

“Really?” I nodded as an answer of this question.

They were forced to calm themselves down. Although they hated humanity, they came to hug me and Yuri. It was for real that they missed him a lot. I asked Yuri to stay with them and share stories, but after that he should have come with me when he can. I needed to have an answer for the doubt.

They jumped across the forest. Taking the most of the sun I allowed my team to stay out more time. But also I felt hungry so, when I took some food for myself, the others were asking for it too. I sighed happily and I took some meat for Mightyena and food for Pokémon. However, they were asking themselves where the leader was, asking for Sceptile, so I answered them the truth.

A few hours later, Mightyena detected something out there. He barked strongly. “Go, Mightyena! Find it!” I allowed him. Returning the others, I followed him in direction were Sceptile’s family went before.

An explosion near of our position was listened. We continued a bit more and we discovered old faces. “Ugh! We weren't expecting your naughty dog" Elizabeth said. “Thank you for guiding us to these four Pokémon. Now we are going to take care of them” From what I saw, one of the family was burnt by Elizabeth’s Pokémon. “And that other Pokémon you have… we are going to take it too”

“Over my body!”

“Are you asking for a battle? Alone? Don't make me laugh. Our Pokémon are better than yours" he said. Also, he called out a Gengar. “Look. It's very easy. It's them or you. You decide” . Gengar was charging a Shadow Ball over its hand. My answer was very clear. I wasn't allowing to let Team Rocket win. If that meant to take the Shadow Ball of that Gengar.

“Use Pound, Yuri!” I order, which was executed on the big red Pokémon. The Gengar launched its Shadow Ball to us, which was blocked by Lairon who exited his Superball by his own. “Lairon! Why…?” He talked to me, in his speech.

“Rober, retire Renzo! He will take care of them” Latios translated for me. My partner came to us for helping in this double battle.

“C’mon, boy. Show us you have what is needed! Blaziken, use Double Kick!”

“Block that with Dual Chop!”

“Shadow Punch on the Sceptile, Gengar!”

“Watch out, Yuri!” However, Lairon defended him in the last second, jumping to Gengar’s punch. Its strength pushed Lairon and Sceptile backwards. Lairon seemed damaged, but he was sure to keep himself in battle. Elizabeth ordered her Pokémon to use Flamethrower, again to Sceptile. They showed up that he was their main objective. However, it was blocked again by Lairon. He was taking serious damages.

“Grr… that stupid and fat Pokémon of yours is annoying me a lot! I'll be sure to knock it down!” Somehow, Lairon recovered his energies, this times very angry. “Blaze kick!”

“Lairon, dodge that!” I ordered him. On the other hand, he refused to obey me and used Iron Head on Elizabeth’s Pokémon. His power was uncontrollable, so that that Blaziken hardly got up.

Next, Lairon evolved. He had converted into a huge Pokémon of 2 meters, very heavy look-like, with tail and, specially, very armored. On his head had grown two horns made of iron. Now his new appearance looked extravagantly strong and defensive simultaneously. I smiled, feeling that now the battle was once more in my favor and I had on my side a very strong and mad Pokémon in this moment.

“Yuri, it's enough for you. Let Aggron to end this" I asked him. After he doubtedly did that, I turned my sight to team Rocket. “So. We were in the part you were insulting him, calling him “fat" and “stupid", isn't it?” He strongly shocked his fists, preparing to give a brutal beating of sticks.

“Shut up and let us win! Use Blaze Kick, Blaziken!” She shouted.

“Shadow Punch!” Chris ordered too.

“Don't give them any chance, Aggron. Rock Slide!” He wanted to take both moves but using his arms to block them, only to intimidate the enemy. Then he pushed them with a new move, which I looked on the Pokedex as Iron Tail, and after that he followed it with the Rock Slide I asked. The foe Blaziken couldn't take too much damage and fainted. Gengar couldn’t stand a chance with Aggron’s Iron Head.

“Grrr… lucky boy…” she said.

“Leave this place and don’t come back. I won’t repeat twice”

“You win this time, but we will come back for you!” Christ said. Aggron crushed his fists very strongly. They ran away like the other times, this time scared from Aggron. Now they had left, I thought that we had to move on to the next town, but first I had to do an important thing with my partner.

“Yuri, we need to talk” I said. “The thing is… ehm, well… I don’t know what are you going to do from now ahead, but I’m going to collect the rest of badges and face when I can the team Magma once more. And now I brought you with your family, so… I don’t want to put you in this situation, but will you stay with me or, instead, live with your family?” I told him. I felt fear. I didn’t want to lose a strong Pokemon as him, but in fact his home was with them, the other Sceptile. Anyway, any choice he would have chosen would be ok for me.

Yuri looked at their family, as they gave him back their sight. Then looked at me. And he took a decision. He threw himself to the ground, hugging me and biting my head gently on the ground. In that moment I felt so happy that I tried to give him back the hug. Latios wanted to translate for me what he was saying to me: “How could you dare to doubt if I were leaving all of you? I want to learn more with all of you like I did since I met you, little human!” Was the exact thing Yuri told me. We stood up again and his father came to us. He tried to say us something, so Latios shared this information with me again: “He said that before we move on he wants to test your skills in a battle”

“That includes me?” I asked.

“Yes, and apply all you know, even what you call “moves”" was his answer.

Set in our position with some distance between us, Aggron and Latios behind of me, both Sceptile took their battle pose. Yuri was showing a ¾ battle pose, setting his left foot and arm in front of the right ones to his, to his father, who was showing all his body. I asked some seconds so I could have in mind all the moves Yuri learnt since the first day.

“Ok. Ready” When his father heard that, he started shortly the battle. I wasn't ready to a Pokémon that fast. Sceptile received a critical hit from that Quick Attack, which was followed by Pound. “Yuri! What was that?” I asked myself. Yuri got up again and followed my orders: get closer with quick attack and use Leaf Blade. However, his father could defend himself with Leaf Blade. He pushed Yuri and used what it seemed to be Gigadrain. “What is this? He did a lot of damage on Yuri and he didn't receive anything” I thought myself. His father continued with another move, making to light it's blades in green with a yellow tone. But I reacted quickly and I asked Yuri to use Dual Chop. He hit him in the last second with the two fists.

He got up again. He was impressed by how Yuri could hit him. But he waited to us and I followed his game accidentally, ordering Yuri to use Bullet Seed. He dodged it really quickly and used the move that throws leaves to the objective, which it was used long time ago to us when Yuri was still a Grovyle. I told Yuri to get away from that with Quick Attack, but he couldn’t do nothing. When his father stopped, Yuri kneeled by the injuries. I was getting nervous once more, seeing him in that status and against a very powerful Pokémon. Would the trainers be like that strong?

His father saw this and walked to his son. He helped him to get up. They were speaking about something that I couldn’t understand. Thanks that Latios was there once more to help me what they were talking about. “They are saying that Yuri is strong enough to continue with you. His father admits that he went too far in this battle, but he and you should return later, when you get more stronger”

“Well… at least we can do something in the next gym”

Later, before leave route 119, I let Yuri to say goodbye to his family, giving him all the time he wanted. During that time and before, Aggron was still outside of his Pokeball next to me and Latios. But in that exact moment wanted me to ride over him like he did before: by duress. But the difference was that he was now able to stand up with his two backside-legs, so I had found a new point of view higher of two meters and half of height. Everything was very small from that position. There, I wanted to pick up the Pokedex to scan Aggron: “Aggron, the Iron Armor Pokémon. Aggron claims an entire mountain as its own territory. It mercilessly beats up anything that violates its environment. This Pokémon vigilantly patrols its territory at all times” I wasn’t expecting the information of a current Aggron: 360 kilograms and 2’1 meters of height! But suddenly I looked at the next gym leader: the flying type gym leader.

“Aggron, do you want to try to defeat by your own the next gym leader? I’m expecting there will be birds” I asked, receiving a nodding.

After Sceptile returned to us, happy, we waved our hands to his family and we turned our direction on Fortree city. We spend a lot of time during this travel, so I was expecting that Axel and María were waiting for us there, overtaking us somehow.
Exploration route
Rober and his partner Sceptile, with the help of their new friend Latios, try to find the family of Sceptile and secure his stayment in the team.

Rober, María and Axel are characters I made by myself. The rest if characters (trainers, Gym Leaders, Pokémon, teams Magma/Aqua...) are made by Game Freak. This is a fan made story that follows the base story of Pokémon,: Omega Ruby, but I take a personal storyline with personal feelings and characters. All the Pokedex info is collected from Bulbapedia.


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Yeah... mainly I draw Pokémon stuff over here. Very rarely (I prefer to say I never/almost never) I don't draw things that aren't safe for work :)

But if you are a proffesional artist or someone (from the videogame industry, please) who is looking for an artist, you should check out my ArtStation page first:…
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When I made this account and why: Let's just say one year ago because I don't remember. One of my classmates of the university suggested me to start uploading my art over here in DeviantArt and after thinking about it, I finally entered here with my mouse & keyboard art (hopefully I don't use that technique anymore :D )

Amount of watchers: 21 watchers. WTF it's a coincidende to my birthday day! D:

What I post: Previously I uploaded things over here so you could see my skills, but nowadays I want to use this site to upload art that seems more proffesional over time and, when I feel ready, upload commisions from people. But DeviantArt it's not my profolio, it's just my passage of time in the world of art.

Blog posts:  I used to have a blogger, but I don't use it currently. 

Do I get a lot of comments: Nah. Not much comments.

Why I chose this username: It's a looooooooong story how I get to "E1 XBlaster", but I chose this username because is the username that I use mostly in the most recent things I sing up.


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DogSmilez Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist
Much thanks friend, really appreciated! :D 
MuddyTiger Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so very much for all the fave on my Halo Elite fan art and Elite reference sheets! :highfive:
E1XBlaster Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome! I was looking for some elite references and it's seems you're the only one I know who have those references :)
MuddyTiger Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Aww! Thanks! That's what I made them for. :icongrin--plz:
NestorPriest Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Student General Artist
Thanks for the :+fav:!
E1XBlaster Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome! I really like your art. It's incredibly incredible :)
NestorPriest Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Student General Artist
^   -  ^
Astra321123 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for fav! :)
E1XBlaster Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Student Digital Artist
No problem! I liked the redesign of that Grovyle!
Also, happy 2017 :)
Dragunalb Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave on =)
Don't worry, teeth grow back :P by Dragunalb
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