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Ch1 Pg3ENG by E1XBlaster Ch1 Pg3ENG :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 2 2 Ch1-Pg3ESP by E1XBlaster Ch1-Pg3ESP :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 0 2 Blitz, the Storm Striker by E1XBlaster Blitz, the Storm Striker :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 5 0 Space Marine | Warhammer 4000 by E1XBlaster Space Marine | Warhammer 4000 :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 0 0 Blitz, the Storm Striker (Sketch) by E1XBlaster Blitz, the Storm Striker (Sketch) :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 2 0 Ch1-Pg2ENG by E1XBlaster Ch1-Pg2ENG :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 1 5 Ch1-Pg2ESP by E1XBlaster Ch1-Pg2ESP :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 0 0 Kommo-o by E1XBlaster Kommo-o :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 3 3 What is this thing I'm holding? by E1XBlaster What is this thing I'm holding? :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 1 7 Kommo-o (WIP) - Art Stream by E1XBlaster Kommo-o (WIP) - Art Stream :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 0 0 Ch1-Pg1 ENG by E1XBlaster Ch1-Pg1 ENG :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 2 2 Ch1-Pg1 ESP by E1XBlaster Ch1-Pg1 ESP :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 1 0 Sketches and stuff recopilation 2016-17 by E1XBlaster Sketches and stuff recopilation 2016-17 :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 4 1 I've got my reasons by E1XBlaster I've got my reasons :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 1 2
Chapter 15: New powers, new objectives
During our voyage in the forests of route 119 along Sceptile, whose name I'd discovered recently was Yuri, the huge Aggron and Latios who helped me to translate what were the Pokémon saying to me we entered into a zone that seemed to be a city, pretty different to the others I had seen during my life, while the sky was getting darker. “This looks like Fortree city for me" I said, enthusiasts.
“I was not expecting a city built by humans and so natural at the same time” Latios told me. Sceptile was agree with him.
“I think we can look around the city before going to the Pokémon center and rest”
“Seems a really good idea for me”
Outside was getting a bit cold as dark, but they lighted up the town with small lamps and lampposts. There was no roads for vehicles but ground and dirt to walk around the trees. Also, the city allowed to climb up the stairs and going from tree to tree which had around their crowns houses where people could live.
:icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 1 0
Aries by E1XBlaster Aries :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 3 2


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Some of my newest favorite pictures when I look around Deviant Art ^^


Ch1 Pg3ENG
What it matters is I've found the lost Beheeyem XD

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon owns to Spike Chunsoft and Nintendo.


Next: In progress
Beginning of chapter:
Lo que importa es que se ha encontrado el Beheeyem perdido XD

Pokémon Mundo Megamisterioso pertenece a Spike Chunsofty Nintendo.


Siguiente: En progreso
Inicio de capítulo:
Blitz, the Storm Striker
Here's a concept of Blitz, the Storm Striker, in a duel on his planet Cryos using one of his abilities called 'Ride the Lightning'.

There are a lot of things I painted for first time: the blood, stones, electricity and magma for example. There are some things that I should improve, but I feel very proud of paint this character of Darkspore which is my favorite from all the heroes.

For more information about this chracter, check this page:…

Blitz owns to EA and Maxis, the developers and creators of Darkspore.


E1XBlaster's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Nowadays, I'm a student studying Design & Development of Videogames on ESNE University. This is my first year... oh, wait, no! I'm further! I'm specializing in art.

I love videogames, but mostly Pokemon, Destiny (oh, wait. This one no), Blacklight: Retribution, Titanfall, BallisticNG and Distance and I like Rocksmith. Since I have started the degree I wanted to make screenshots, wallpapers or a Pokemon animation... well, that one is still a bit far away currently, but I'm always trying to perfectionate my pictures and my style.

Yeah... mainly I draw Pokémon stuff over here. Very rarely (I prefer to say I never/almost never) I don't draw things that aren't safe for work :)

But if you are a proffesional artist or someone (from the videogame industry, please) who is looking for an artist, you should check out my ArtStation page first:…
Rules: Tag 4 people you want to get to know better!

EH EH EH! If you don't want to do this, JUST don't do it! :)

Name: E1 XBlaster

Star Sign: 

Average hours of sleep: Depends of the day. Seriously. But trying to sleep more of 7 hours.

Lucky numbers: Ehm... 14? 

Last thing I Googled: major burrows super mario galaxy (To know who was the boss of that song)

When I made this account and why: Let's just say one year ago because I don't remember. One of my classmates of the university suggested me to start uploading my art over here in DeviantArt and after thinking about it, I finally entered here with my mouse & keyboard art (hopefully I don't use that technique anymore :D )

Amount of watchers: 21 watchers. WTF it's a coincidende to my birthday day! D:

What I post: Previously I uploaded things over here so you could see my skills, but nowadays I want to use this site to upload art that seems more proffesional over time and, when I feel ready, upload commisions from people. But DeviantArt it's not my profolio, it's just my passage of time in the world of art.

Blog posts:  I used to have a blogger, but I don't use it currently. 

Do I get a lot of comments: Nah. Not much comments.

Why I chose this username: It's a looooooooong story how I get to "E1 XBlaster", but I chose this username because is the username that I use mostly in the most recent things I sing up.


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i'm sorry, i wasn't notice you follow me and i wasn't follow you, i just saw in notifications because i'm too occupied.. anyway, so you are making a comic of pokemon too huh? hehe this can be interesting ;3
E1XBlaster Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, but I still need practice at comics and time XD
Thank you for being interested in that hobby (and my work too btw) :)
Mapache96 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
espera.. tu hablas español!!
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Daca and Drak by Dragunalb
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