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I've got my reasons :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 1 2
Chapter 15: New powers, new objectives
During our voyage in the forests of route 119 along Sceptile, whose name I'd discovered recently was Yuri, the huge Aggron and Latios who helped me to translate what were the Pokémon saying to me we entered into a zone that seemed to be a city, pretty different to the others I had seen during my life, while the sky was getting darker. “This looks like Fortree city for me" I said, enthusiasts.
“I was not expecting a city built by humans and so natural at the same time” Latios told me. Sceptile was agree with him.
“I think we can look around the city before going to the Pokémon center and rest”
“Seems a really good idea for me”
Outside was getting a bit cold as dark, but they lighted up the town with small lamps and lampposts. There was no roads for vehicles but ground and dirt to walk around the trees. Also, the city allowed to climb up the stairs and going from tree to tree which had around their crowns houses where people could live.
:icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 1 0
Aries :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 2 2 Aries - Sketch :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 2 2 PSMD-ENG: Cover :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 3 3 PMMM-ESP: Portada :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 1 0 How was made - Tensa, the Sceptile :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 0 0 Tensa, the Sceptile :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 5 0
Chapter 14: Exploration route
“Route 119, here we go!” I said at the entrance of the forests of route 119. From the bottom it seemed a huge forest and a big climbing up to the top.
“You have something important up there, correct?” A voice sounded inside of my head.
“That voice… is that you, Latios?” I got realised.
“Yes, trainer, it was me all this time. If you did not notice, my psychic powers allows me to telepathy with other beings”
“A-Alright. And yes. Since lately our beginning as partners, I wanted to help Sceptile to reencounter with his family, which I was told that they were in some point of route 119”
“You mean Yuri, the Sceptile. Am I right?”
“What? … Wait a second!! A-All this time your real name was Yuri and I’ve been calling you by your species name?!” I asked my partner very loud, altering both. He answered me in his speech, but Latios translated to me what he said.
“He says that yes, and that
:icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 0 0
Hackamo-o (Dragon Claw) :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 5 0 Hackamo-o WIP :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 3 0 Aggron's vigor :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 4 8 Aggron (WIP) :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 2 3 Katsuki, the Treecko :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 1 3 Shredder... again :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 5 2 Waiting home :icone1xblaster:E1XBlaster 4 3


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Some of my newest favorite pictures when I look around Deviant Art ^^


The hell did the sketch of Aries get to the wrong folder? ayy lmao XD  Aries - Sketch by E1XBlaster
I've got my reasons
I wanted to share this as a Status Update, but I didn't know how to put pictures from my PC.
My reasons I'm not uploading PSMD comic are the creation of this character whi- (SHUT UP! They needn't know what's this) that appeared for first time in one of my awesome dreams. You are free to ask anything about this dream XD
But this is just a sketch of one picture I'm thinking to do, so I'm making a full model sheet of this creature.
During our voyage in the forests of route 119 along Sceptile, whose name I'd discovered recently was Yuri, the huge Aggron and Latios who helped me to translate what were the Pokémon saying to me we entered into a zone that seemed to be a city, pretty different to the others I had seen during my life, while the sky was getting darker. “This looks like Fortree city for me" I said, enthusiasts.

“I was not expecting a city built by humans and so natural at the same time” Latios told me. Sceptile was agree with him.

“I think we can look around the city before going to the Pokémon center and rest”

“Seems a really good idea for me”

Outside was getting a bit cold as dark, but they lighted up the town with small lamps and lampposts. There was no roads for vehicles but ground and dirt to walk around the trees. Also, the city allowed to climb up the stairs and going from tree to tree which had around their crowns houses where people could live. Not only that: a lot of Pokémon trainers allowed their Pokémon to stay with them outside of their Pokeballs. The town was so natural that a lot of wild and non-wild Pokémon were around, specially flying, grass and bug type Pokémon. The psychic type Pokémon could relax in an environment like this. Even my partner felt like he was in home.

After walking around this great city we decided to find the Pokémon center which wasn't very difficult to find thanks to the friendly people. However, this Pokémon center wasn't so big than the other ones we visited. Otherwise, they allowed the same basic treatments like the others. Also, we found inside our friends.

“Axel? What have you done with your Marshtomp?” I asked to call their attention.

“Yo Rober! As slow as always, man!” he replied after welcoming ourselves with our gestures. “Besides, there's no Marshtomp but a Swampert over here!”

“Glad to see you again!” María said. She looked curious. “Who is he?”

I looked at this person. In fact, it was Latios again in his human form that he took before entering the city. I expected he wasn't to share his real information to them so I had to lie to them. “He is… Alan. He wanted to stay with me since Mauville city. He only speaks with me, and he is extremely curious” He went very close to them and looked at them around.

“Uh… okay…” She answered without knowing what Latios was doing. “Oh, now I remember. We found Steven Stones today”

“And what did he say to you?”

“He told us to go with him today or tomorrow, outside of this city. He has something important to give to us”

“Cool. Besides, I want to see your team as I want you to watch mine too. Just to see them back. I don't mean right now but outside or tomorrow before moving on" I told them while I was giving the Pokeballs to the nurse. Sceptile, on the other hand, didn't want to stay there. Latios told me in a telepathic message that he wants to try to heal himself.

“Aren't ya goin’ to heal Sceptile?”

“Not this time. If he doesn't want to, I won't force him to do it”

“Hold on! What's that thing you have on your bracelet?”

“Oh! Thanks for asking. This is a Key Stone, given by Steven"


It was 22:05 when I was called to get the Pokeballs. Meanwhile, before that time, I had been shown their team. In first place, Axel showed up his Swampert which is water and ground type Pokémon. Then he called out the others: Crawdaunt, Graveller, Larvitar, and Shelgon, the evolved form of Bagon. Secondly, María’s main Pokémon was Blaziken: a fire and fighting type Pokémon. The others were Gradevoir, Vibrava, Tropius, a new one from route 119, and Ampharos. Everyone expected what was going to happen when Sceptile and Ampharos met back. However, Blaziken, being overprotective on his team and rival of Sceptile, tried to stop him; however, love doesn't know limits.

“I remember you had one more Pokémon"

“Oh, yes. We went back home and we thought that Birch could make a research of Minum and Plusle"

“That seems good for him I guess”

After receiving my Pokémon I wanted to show them to María and Axel. It seemed that Larvitar wanted to start a new rivality  between itself and Aggron. Aggron, however, didn't care this about a small Pokémon compared to his size.

“My goodness! Aggron looks very gigantic!” Axel said.

“Thanks. Hey Axel, how did you get that Larvitar?”

“Birch gave me this Pokémon ‘cause somehow a very small of population of this species appeared over the mountains. He did his researches about this Pokémon and approaching that we went to his lab he told me to investigate its characteristics and its evolutions” He said. “Now. I guess you had tested the Aggronite, aren't ya?”

“Not yet. I still don't know how to use it and I didn't think about it. In addition, Aggron evolved recently, so I want to give him some time”

“How’s that?”

“Maybe because I hadn't any Pokémon able to do that”

We spent some time talking about our adventures and our progress before asking for a place to sleep shortly. Inside they told us that there were free places for us to sleep, on the top of the trees.

On the top, we separated so María and Axel could have their space. Also, not only them, Sceptile and Ampharos decided to sleep higher. I went to “my home" to set up the stuff. Before going inside of the bed I barely sat over the window. Latios approached to me, in his normal form.

“What is in your mind, Rober?” He asked.

“I thought you were with the other form”

“I used to, but it seems a more calmed environment”

“I see. Not very loud as my mind”

“Why is that?”

“Normally I try to remember all that we've done during all the day. But today… apart of finally meet Yuri’s family…” I sighed hopeless. “Tell me. How's Groudon?”

“As you are thinking, I will not recommend you to visit into where it lives. It is better to leave the ancient Pokémon alone. They are usually aggressive” I sighed for a second time, more hopeless than before.

“I just can't believe. I'm still asking myself why are there people like that in this world. Yet the answer will be that there must balance in the universe” Minutes later, I wanted to sleep, so I got inside of the bed and I slept.

“And if I…” He said before watching me sleeping. “Right. Better leaving this by the moment”

At the next day, I was got up not by Sceptile this time. It was Steven, who wanted to wake me up. “Steven? What are you doing here at this point of the morning?” I asked super-sleepy at 7:00 AM.

“Waiting to give you a present. But what if we get something to have breakfast?”

“And what happens with María and Axel? And Latios?”

“You can go. I will stay here and inform to Yuri” Latios told us.

“That's the point. There is something I need to talk with you. Only you” He told me. I accepted his request and I wore up my T-shirt, jacket and the rest and I climbed down. He guided me to the Pokémon center and we asked for some coffee for him and milk for me.

“So… what is it?”

“I've been told by some scientists of a laboratory of route 119 that you have defended them from team Magma”

“Yes. They were trying to get some information from-”

“Shhh! Don't mention it. We don't want to cause a disturbing situation. The point is your friends, María and Axel, might not know about this situation. I mean, the knowledge of what their are searching”


“... They aren't ready yet for a big thing. As well as you”

“Are you trying to put me apart of this?”

“In first place, this situation is better to leave in handle of professionals. This was my intention. However, it looks like you have an internal talent of progressing faster than the other trainers. What did those scientists tell you?”

“They told me some… history, and to stop their leader” I answered him covering up the information.

“Then do it. For my part, I'm going to keep learning about this Pokémon in case that something goes wrong” His part of the work seemed a bit simple for me and useful simultaneously. “Now, changing of theme. Yesterday I had my gifts stolen by someone who came tonight” He told me as he was showing up a small black cage.

“What do you tell me? And didn't your Metagross do nothing?”

“Unfortunately, it was inside of the Pokeball with the others. On the other hand, or they had hurry or they were a bit bad robbers. One of the gifts was over the floor when I woke up”

“How bad” I said. He opened the cage and, inside, where a big sphere. A mega stone! With green and red filaments surrounded by green. Then he asked about this thing.

“Listen, Rober. I've kept these mega stones for a long time because they are rare to found and they are my favorites. This one you see is a Sceptilite: the mega stone for Sceptile” I was out of words. My happiness was blocking me up to think. “Take it. Follow your path and make yourselves stronger”

“But how? I don't know how to invocate the mega evolution”

“That's what are we going to practice right now. Call out your Pokémon” He got up before I could take my last drink of my milk. I took it quickly and I ran to him as we paid it before exit. I called out Yuri by his name and, when he came to us, I explained him the situation. Steven and his Metagross helped us with the calling upon the mega-evolution with Sceptile for example. To make this in good conditions he challenged me in a friendly battle. In that case, I decided to held the Sceptilite at this point.

They had done some moves when he stopped the battle for a second. “Look carefully, Rober" He touched his Key Stone and some strange lights appeared from it and the Metagrossite. When the lights had connected, Metagross initiated a new evolution stage. This Pokémon, this Mega-Metagross, was levitating and had a new huge appearance: more “arms", an X on its head made with gold and a bigger size.


“Do you like it? This is the mega-evolution. The Pokémon that suffers this process has an increasing of its power and changes its ability or its type. Now it's your turn. Remember that Sceptile must hold the stone”

“Y-yeah!” I gave the Sceptilite to him. “I guess this works like this" I said while I was going to touch the Key Stone. I got scared because when that happened my stone lighted up a lot and I felt a connection, painless feeling. When I wanted to look to my partner he mega-evolved. He was more like a dragon. His size increased to two meters and now his appearance changed too: an X over his chest made with leaves, a longer tail ended in red, longer and sharped blades and a total of ten orbs, four of them on his tail. “What is this feeling?” I asked mysterious.

“Can you feel it? That's what you and your Pokémon feel together”

“So is this what they call “mega-evolution”?” I heard inside of my head. It wasn't Latios. The tone was very different to Latios voice. I wasn't sure who was talking with me with telepathic wavelengths.

“Rober!” He kept quickly my attention. Curiously, Yuri did the same reaction as me. “Your Sceptile is pretty different now it has gained the Dragon type. Its ability has also changed to Lighting Road, so now it is invincible to electric type”

“Lighting Road…” I said. Somehow, I could hear something coming to us, like it was amplified.

“Lighting Road? What a useless ability for a Pokémon like that" Chris said, leaving their hide.

“These guys again?” I heard once more in my head.

“Now what's with you?” I yelled.

“Who are you?” Steven asked.

“Nice to meet you, Steven Stones. We are team Rocket” They answered. “Now. You. I want to reach a treat with you since you got very stronger”

“What kind of treat?”

“We are going to have a double battle. One Pokémon each one of us over here. If you and your Pokémon defeat us, we are leaving this region, I promise. But if you lose, you must give us your main Pokémon”

“Sounds like an ultimatum for me” Steven gave his opinion.

“Treat, ultimatum, whatever”

“And what if I refuse to battle?”

“I think you don't have more options" Elizabeth said. She snapped her fingers and her Blaziken and his Gengar showed up grabbing Ampharos, whose hands were tied up with a rope.

“Akira!” I heard, again, in my head. I felt shortly, passively, frightening. I started to imagine that voice was coming from Yuri.

“Is Akira her name?” I thought. Then I saw something different on their clothes. “Are those Key Stones? But when they…?” Finally I realised they could be the stealers who took the mega stones and the Key Stones, so I spoke up. “You are the guys who had stolen Steven tonight!”

“Hahahahaha! You spotted us. Yes, we stole the champion this night, but besides, one of these stones is ours, given to us by the bosses of our faction" She said. Elizabeth and Chris activated the mega evolution process with their Blaziken and Gengar. “Now. Let us show our best” She giggled.

“I'm going to kill you if you put one finger over her!”

To start the battle, Steven made his command first, which was Bullet Punch with Gengar. Then, I asked Yuri to use Dual Chop on the Blaziken, but it was stopped by the Double Kick of its. Our objective was to win the double battle. Somehow, I was only focused on the Mega-Blaziken. When he did the Dual Chop, I felt some energy running under my skin. It was scary, but also incredible. Elizabeth ordered her Pokémon to use Sky Uppercut, and it hit on Sceptile’s head. I felt a lot of pain under my inferior maxilla, like I received a strong punch there.

“What are you doing Rober? Wake up!” Steven said. He was right. It was not the moment to be distracted. I had to act quick.

“Dodge the Flamethrower!” I ordered. He dodged it in the same second I finished to give the order! “Gigadrain!”

“Use Zen Headbutt on Gengar” Steven ordered. If it did that before, it would probably be a one hit K.O. “I want to see how well can you manage your Pokémon in a Pokémon stronger that Sceptile”

“My Gengar! How can this be possible!?”

Elizabeth ordered Double Kick, so I said Dual Chop. I’d got the feeling that her Pokémon was getting faster every hit it made. If we wanted to defeat this Blaziken, we should cooperate even more. Now he was a bit separated from it, I tried to talk with him with my mind.

“Yuri. Can you hear me?”

“Yes, master” He replied. I was surprised.

“This Pokémon will be faster with the time. We have to change the strategy” He looked at me and nodded. “Leaf Blade at your back!” I told him loud as the Blaziken came to him with a Mega Punch. The attack was blocked and we had the opportunity to attack, so I told him to use Smash. Then, Leaf Blade again. It got up again, and run with a Fire Punch. This time, my order was to trip Blaziken up with his long tail. She was nervous, but was effective to change quickly to Flamethrower when it was on the ground, aiming to his head and the upper part of his body. I felt the burn on the same place, and it was horrible feeling. In that moment, I thought what does the Pokémon feel in these battles.

“Rober, do you need help?” Steven asked.

“No!” I yelled to him. I was furious deeply. I wasn't feeling myself almost anymore. Like it was Sceptile who was talking. “This is a duel between her and I!”

I had been feeling a lack of my energy in that moment, but also I was filled with this energy at the same time. I was barely inside of Sceptile’s sight, seeing that Mega-Blaziken too, but also in my sight. I was like extremely connected to Sceptile, “fused” with him. When I gave the order to use Leaf Blade, he pushed him with a strength that left it K.O. and severely injured, although it was using Fire Punch.

With this, the battle ended. Exponentially my energy came back, I was recovering my conscience and Sceptile recovered his previous form. “Blaziken!? H-How…?” She said to her Blaziken. “Who are you, trainer?” She asked to me. At this point, I wasn't sure who I was.

“A treat is a treat. Give me back those mega stones and that Pokémon!”

“Ok. Here you have!” Chris said, throwing the two missing mega stones and pushing the Ampharos. Finally, they ran away, and I was hoping they won't come back. Steven picked up the mega stones and the Key Stones. Steven’s Metagross returned from its mega evolution. Yuri run to his girlfriend. And I was sat on the ground, worried from what happened in the battle. Latios came to us, with María and Axel, but in his human form.

“Guys? What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Same to you. We heard noises and we ran to see what was happening!” Maria answered.

“I can be responsible of all this happening. I asked your friend to come with me and I showed him the gift I was going to give to you and we trained hard. Very hard. Excuse me of this sudden decision” Steven defended us. “Changing of theme, here you have your gifts. A Blazikenite, a Swampertite and a Key Stone for each of you”

“Does it mean that we… can use the mega evolution process with our Pokémon?”

“María, battle me! Just for testin’ this stuff!” Axel suggested María quickly. I wanted to offer myself to show them how to mega evolve Pokémon. I tried to activate the mega evolution outside of a battle because I was seeing it couldn't be activated so long as if we were in a battle. However, I had in mind other thing. When they started to battle, I spoke with Yuri, a bit far of them.

“It's the first time I see them battle”

“Indeed, master” He said. “I have a question. How is that we can communicate between us only when I convert into this?”

“I don't know. But it's not only communications. There is something more with this process-”

“I can sense a lot of energy spreaded around your bodies” Latios spoke up to us, jump scaring us.

“Damn it! Don't scare me like that!” I yelled to him. “The thing is we have to keep this as a secret. Our secret"

“Why? Are you not going to tell it to your friends?” Latios suggested. I knew the intentions he had by asking that, and he was right. Perhaps, I didn't want to expand this information to someone interested in examine our mega-evolution deeply. Scientists for example.

“Look. It's something that I don't want to share. Just in case”

“In case of what? They are your friends. Do not you trust in them?” Latios said. His human eyes showed a serious sight that was trying to change my opinion.

“Yes… I do” I answered, looking at the ground.

“He is right, master. I know you want to protect me, but you have to keep in mind that they will discover it one day. Why don't you tell them this right now?” He said. Then, his form came back to a common Sceptile form. He also looked at me, like he was asking me indirectly to do it, so I gave up and I accepted to do it when they finish the battle.

After Swampert went victorious in the battle in its mega-evolution, which it looked like the Greek god Poseidon by its aspect, against the Mega-Blaziken, I explained to them and Steven the thing we have Sceptile and I with the mega-evolution. They were shocked, but then they thought about it, understanding the situation. The communication we were able to establish and more strange things I couldn't understand. “So… are you able to speak and understand what are you saying?” Axel asked curious.

“Yeah… more or less"

“I tried these mega-stones with another Sceptile, Blaziken and Swampert, but I've never experienced what are you saying. Are you sure?” The champion of Hoenn hesitated.

“The battle against that Mega-Blaziken was clearly lost. And I was starting to not feel like I used to be, as I told you"

“This is strange. However, if that's true, then you and your Sceptile must train so you can control this… well, we can call it ‘X'. Also, make sure that this only happens with Sceptile by mega-evolving Aggron and your evolved Electrike” He suggested. Then he called out his Skarmory. He seemed to leave us. “I must go to do some stuff. I hope you enjoy your gifts”

“Steven, wait!” I shouted quickly. I wanted to ask him something before he left. “I want to battle you!” He giggled as his reaction to my petition.

“Collect the eight badges of Hoenn. Then find me in the Pokémon league when you feel ready” Said that, he left the group. I felt I had a lot of questions waiting to be answered. But it wasn't the moment to make questions. We had another thing to do in this town that was in our plans of our journey. We had to get ready to battle the next gym leader: Winona, the specialist of Flying type Pokémon in Hoenn. We have in Johto another gym leader like her, with the difference ours is the first one to battle.

First I wanted to see which member take in this battle. Electrike and Aggron were going to participate. Skarmory can be an option. However, I had to choose four Pokémon this time. Sceptile was in clear disadvantage, so Pelipper would be my last option. Axel and Marìa had to finish some details, so I asked them to search and battle the gym leader first. Their answer was a yes, so I started searching it from the Pokémon center after leaving Sceptile once more with Ampharos. Despite, Mightyena who was going with me found her flying to a big place, made by stones and a lot of stairs. Could there be more of fifty stairs? Anyway, they looked long and I was sure they will give me some stiffs the next day.

At the top of the building there was some huge doors. I was sure the gym leader was waiting at the other side to someone coming there, so I requested the battle. While we were waiting, I petted Mightyena, who was waiting sat down. Then the doors opened and a woman invited us to enter. Her name was Winona and she was wearing a grey-blue and white costume and a helmet like pilots used to wear, with some wings both sides of it. She brought me and Mightyena to the battlefield, which it looked kinda different to the battlefields I used to see before. “What are those towers?” I wanted to ask her.

“You are going to battle against the flying type gym leader. We are going to stay high so we can watch the battle as the birds do… more or less” She answered.

“Erh… I see” I verified nervous. I didn’t get used to say in high places. I don’t have phobia to this. It’s just my heart beats faster so I feel nervous when I hear for first time the idea of going higher.

We entered to our respective position, which they had some barriers and a small door. I returned Mightyena to his Superball because we hadn’t enough space for both. The platform started to rise up to the top. I had a bit of fear, but then this fear was transformed into adrenalin. “Are you ready? The rules are the same as the rest of the gyms” She shouted out to me. She opened with a Swellow.

“Ok, buddy. Show me what you’ve got” I said, calling out the young Electrike. He appeared to a short distance from the ground. “Start with Thunder Wave!” I ordered. But the Swellow dodged it without problems.

“You have to try harder next time. Quick Attack, Swellow!” The fast Pokémon gave no chance to do nothing to counter-attack that. The attack was very strong for him, but he could continue. Next she ordered Double Team. The big amount of Swellow forced me to order Spark to all that he could attack randomly. No one of them was the true Pokémon, and Electrike suffered the Aerial Ace of the foe Pokémon. But I told him to not stopping using Spark. In addition, I wanted that he reached to the height of the Pokémon, so first I told him to impulse with Quick Attack and grab it with Bite. Once he was grabbed to the Swellow, the next thing I commanded was Spark. Very effective, but Winona reacted quickly and ordered to use Quick Attack near of the ground, damaging seriously Electrike.

“Electrike!” I yelled. He was not standing up. How could she defeat a Pokémon that was stronger in terms of types? However, he was still not very good battling and a bit weak. “You worked very well. Come here and thanks” I said. I returned him to his Pokéball and I sent my beast to not only revenge Electrike. She asked for an Endeavor, but Aggron attacked before with Rock Slide, defeating the first flying type Pokémon.

A trouble was added to the situation: she had a Pelipper. It was a trouble because Aggron was in clear disadvantage, unless he were able to defeat it quickly. Although he took one Hydro Pulse, it was easier than I thought when it used Roost to recover some energies. However, I knew Aggron might not take more hits, so I thought in something to keep him more time in battle. Her third Pokémon was a Skarmory. I was sure that Pokémon would have a Steel type move.

“Aggron! Catch this!” I said to him, throwing him the Aggronite. I wanted to stay more time with this form, but the situation forced me to call the mega-evolution. Mega-Aggron’s form was now mainly metal. His new appearance looked intimidating for me. The Pokedex showed on screen his type was now pure Steel, and his ability was Filter, the same ability of Maxie’s Camerupt. At least the Steel type moves that he receives wouldn't be very effective.

“Interesting. It seems you know what are you doing” She said. She ordered to her Skarmory to use Sand Attack, but Aggron could hit it with a Rock Slide that didn't miss. “Aggron is an interesting Pokémon, more with it's mega-evolution” She winked. “Go, Altaria!”

“The last one. Don't give any chance, Aggron!” I said.

“However, Rober, I know you have more Pokémon behind that Aggron. I want to see them. Use Earthquake” Although his ability, Aggron couldn't stand a chance to that move. The difference with Sceptile was that this time with Aggron I didn't felt what I felt with Sceptile. Might Yuri have inside a special power, if I can call it by that name, that has relations with mega-evolution? Coming back to the battle, Aggron recovered his previous form defeated by a ground type move. My best card was out of the table now. Now I had two options: should I have called out Pelipper or, instead, Skarmory? “Now, before you call out your next Pokémon, I'm grateful that I moved away your steel type Pokémon. You enjoyed mega-evolution, now is my turn. Mega-evolve, Altaria!” She said. She felt very enthusiast. I wanted to take the Pokedex. I must have known which type it was: “Altaria, the Humming Pokémon. Altaria dances and wheels through the sky among billowing, cotton-like clouds. By singing melodies in its crystal-clear voice, this Pokémon makes its listeners experience dreamy wonderment” The original version of this Pokémon was Dragon and Flying, but now it’s Dragon and Fairy, which it's ability transforms every normal type move into fairy. Why now this Pokémon mega-evolved? Why not before? Could it be… that it was weak to Aggron? Aggron was Rock and Steel type, but he lost his Rock type when I mega-evolved him, making rock type moves a bit weaker. If she moved him away from this battle it means that Altaria may have been weak to one of those two types. With this hypothesis, my decision was clear.

“Skamory, go ahead” I said. “Use Steel Wing!”

“Altaria, Cotton Guard!” Winona ordered. Although it could absorb a lot of damage, Altaria suffered. It weakness was showed up to my eyes.

“I get it now, Winona. Aggron was a trouble for you for your Flying type Pokémon. When I mega-evolved him, you saw a possibility to mega-evolve yours, but not while Aggron was in combat. I was wondering why you wanted to remove him, but now I understand everything. Mega-Altaria changes its type to Dragon and Fairy. After this turn I got realised that Fairy types can't handle steel type moves, am I right? However, you weren't expecting my Skarmory. I’m considering this battle over”

“A very good review, trainer, but I'm going to stay until the end. Dragon Breath!” Winona told. I didn't order her to dodge.that move in time, casually paralyzing her too by its secondary effect.

“Skarmory! Use Metal Claw!” Was my next order, but she couldn't move and received another Dragon Breath. She fell to the ground and I was hoping she could move. Winona tried to follow with Earthquake. “Skarmory, fly! Now!!” She hardly could avoid the Earthquake, but she could keep the flight again.

“It's incredible how your Pokémon could avoid that. But now you are in my trap. Dragon Breath, once more!”

“Air Cutter, Skarmory!” My intention was to attack the breath. Next, going directly to the foe Pokémon with Steel Wing. With this, the battle was won, and the Altaria returned to its previous form. Skarmory flew back with me, setting her claws over the barrier of the platform where I was.

Once we were down on the ground, I walked to the gym leader. She was thankful for this battle because she hadn't another battle like this before. As reward she gave me the Feather badge, which it had a wing look-like on the badge, and the video of the move Roost. But that wasn't the only thing. “Everyone that defeats me owns the permission to teach their Flying Pokémon a useful move. Come with me, please” Winona said. What kind of move could it be?
Chapter 15: New powers, new objectives
Finally the main characters are reaching to Fortree city, where they will meet Steven Stones, the champion of Hoenn, and to battle the fifth gym leader.

Rober, María and Axel are characters I made by myself. The rest if characters (trainers, Gym Leaders, Pokémon, teams Magma/Aqua...) are made by Game Freak. This is a fan made story that follows the base story of Pokémon,: Omega Ruby, but I take a personal storyline with personal feelings and characters. All the Pokedex info is collected from Bulbapedia.


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